Tesler Review – Is Tesler App Scam? Yes! Undeniable Proof Inside!

People are always on the lookout for making some quick money and achieve rapid growth in their bank balances and assets. So, when anything that promises to deliver the same surfaces, people often tend to lose their natural caution. Something similar has happened ever since a software by the name Tesler App has come to become a talking point among many. Today, in this review, we try to explain our views on this App and whether or not, you can trust this App.

tesler scam

Tesler app review

Tesler App

Binary Options Trading has been around for quite some time now. Most traders choose to use the manual trading method, but for some time now, trading on full auto-pilot has also gained traction. This new trend has spurred the release of Auto trading software, and Tesler App is one of them.

In the pitch video, we are sure you must have seen it, Steven Abrahams introduces himself as the CEO of Tesler Investments company. He also happens to be the person who funded development of this app. Tesler App allegedly works on ‘Lead Pattern’ Algorithm which is the contributing factor behind its alleged success. Mainframe computers are the smaller cousins of Supercomputers. The Tesler App is said to make use of the vast computing power of mainframe systems to analyze and sift trading data from all over the world. The App makes use of the millions of market parameters as inputs to its algorithm and the analysis thus made by the computers helps to reap profits.

What is so exciting about Tesler App?

The first ‘exciting’ thing about Tesler App is that its available for Free. What the company is expecting from you is feedback. You would be asked to use the App as a beta-tester and also earn the tons of money meanwhile.

The video dishes out a mind-spinning statistic that over $7.8 trillion dollars are traded worldwide every single day. Don’t know how true it is but this app they say earns a minuscule percentage of it as profits. What profits you earn varies, but it is guaranteed to generate profits over $5,000 per day per user. All by using this App for around 5 minutes for setting up each day, this App makes around $237 per hour. Moreover, if translated to a year, a user can net over two hundred thousand dollars. Steven tells how he plans to make ten people from normal walks of life, millionaires. Each day an income of over $5,000 is expected and achievable.

fake claim

Fake Claims of Tesler app

Tesler App is a SCAM!

The App is available as a free download on Google Play and Apple Playstore. We too decided to download it to test it, but guess what, there does not exist any such App by this name. What would you call a company’s CEO who visits his ‘students’ by driving on his own? You may call him a nobleman with a great heart and love for humanity, but alas this is not the case here. Steven who allegedly has a net worth of over$380 Million and heads a company whose revenue tops over $673 Million, is traveling distances painstakingly. Why? To make half percentage ‘cut’ over your profits after first 41 days. Isn’t it ridiculous!

No one can ‘guarantee’ profits in Binary Options trading. Even seasoned traders cannot boast of sure shot income at the end of an hour or day. But, we see how we are fed over-sugary tonics of unreal profits throughout the video. Making hundreds of thousands of dollars has been projected as a mere joke here. This app was recently exposed by Sofy Raymond. Check her review on Binary Signals Advise.

Scam artists abound!

The so-called ultra-rich millionaire, Steven is no better than a small time actor. We felt suspicious after watching the video, literally smelling a rat. After all, we review so many software that it is hard to remember the ‘actors’ who play the lead or supporting roles. This same guy played the lead role in the Swarm Intelligence scam software too. If we think in a positive way, that there does exist a Steven Abrahams and that he opted to protect his real identity, still we could not find any such person which such ‘illustrious’ credentials.

Fake Testimonials

fake testimonials

Where the actual identity of a company’s CEO could not be ascertained, do you feel the testifiers would be real people? We do not have any reasons to believe this. In all the scams we uncover, the testimonials are always fake. It is logical that when the software itself is meant to defraud people, how can the testifiers who shower praises on the App be genuine.

How they Scam you

Steven claims to have invested over $50 million in getting the App built by 4 Advanced LLC. Even if we go by basic math, Steven is lying to the teeth. He intends to make only 10 people as millionaires and wants a trifle cut of 0.5% in return periodically. Any businessman would never make such a losing investment. A mere simple interest on $50 million would be way too much than what he wants to earn as a ‘return.’

Anyways, the App would use your initial deposit for the scammers’ own benefit. There is no mention of which brokers the App is linked to. It’s a very crucial thing to check on the licenses of the involved brokers and whether or not they are regulated. We have particularly not received any positive feedback from other traders whom we contacted as part of our research. In every likelihood, the Tesler App scammers would draw their affiliate commission from brokers and leave you high and dry sooner or later.

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In all what we have shared with you regarding the Tesler App, if you still find any valid reason to support it, please do let us know as well. In whatsoever, we have observed, this App is a scam. It is better to test the waters before taking a plunge. The money is yours only till it is in your bank account. Once it reaches a broker’s account, you can’t do anything about it. So we recommend you to be cautious while trading with Tesler App.